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segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2021

General Motors, a multinational in the automobile area, opens vacancies for interns

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General Motors, a multinational in the automobile area, has open positions for the 2021 Internship Program. The opportunities are for the following cities: São Caetano do Sul, São José dos Campos and Mogi das Cruzes, in São Paulo, Gravataí, Rio Grande do Sul, and Joinville, in Santa Catarina.

To apply, you must be enrolled in bachelor or technologist courses in the following areas: commercial, finance, human resources, communication, legal, manufacturing and manufacturing engineering, purchasing and secretarial.

The company also requires knowledge of the English language, mastery of the Office package and knowledge of the Spanish language will be considered a differential. Candidates are expected to graduate between December 2021 and December 2022.

Interested parties can register through the company's website until October 9th.

Buy and earn money: find out what cashback is and what companies offer the service

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The English term cashback can even confuse a lot of people, but when you say 'money back' everyone understands, likes and enjoys it, right? According to the economist, consultant and financial educator, Raimundo Sousa Nascimento Filho, the practice consists in the return, by the company, to the consumer of part of the amount paid for the purchase of a good or service. The procedure became popular and intensified during the period of social isolation, when digital commerce gained strength.

The economist also explained how the practice of returning a value or a percentage of the value of the product that will be paid for the purchase of goods or services works.

"The transaction is operated through companies that manage cashback, and these platforms seek to attract customers to associated companies; thus, they receive a commission that is shared with the consumer at the time of purchase. There are many platforms in Brazil that operate in this modality, and with that, there are several ways to obtain the benefit. It has a platform that offers a cash value for the customer who invites friends to use the application; others offer a percentage of the purchase back to the customer who asks the product through the app, and that amount can even be transferred to a customer's bank account, for example; in some cases, the benefit is credited for a future purchase, and in others, it is even possible to pay bills with the amount credited or exchange for other products and services ", detailed Raimundo Filho.

According to the economist, the idea is good for both the consumer and the entrepreneur. "It is good for the company to adhere to this strategy since, through a policy of transparency and good practices, the customer has a perception of the benefit. This will bring a series of advantages for the company as well, as it works as a program of attraction and loyalty, making it increase its client portfolio and help consolidate the brand in the market, increasing its sales and, therefore, its financial results ", he explained.

Check out companies that offer cashback to customers:

    Love Digital

The fintech and mobile business platform presents cashback, a benefit in which part of the money from all purchases goes back to the customer's Ame account. With the Ame Digital app it is also possible to make bill payments and bank slips, purchase a transport card, recharge a cell phone and deposit cash. In the Ame Plus version, aimed at those who want to sell with the app, shopkeepers can transfer amounts from their Ame account to their bank account.

Many products from partner stores (, Submarino, Shoptime, Sou Barato, for example) have the benefit of cashback (cash back). When the purchase is made with Ame Digital, part of the value of the products goes back to the user's Ame account. This amount will be informed in two ways: on the partner store website, at the time of closing the purchase, and on the Ame account statement, under Purchase Detail. The cashback amount will be available in the Ame account within 30 calendar days, after payment confirmation, and can be used for new purchases.

When completing the purchase at the partner store, it is necessary to choose the option “pay with Ame”. If the purchase is being made by the computer, a QR Code will appear. Then, just open the Ame Digital app, click Pay and scan the QR Code.

If the purchase is being made by cell phone, payment will automatically be directed to the Ame Digital app. You only need to choose the payment method (with card or with balance, or it can even be card + balance). It is also possible to split the purchase.


In the PicPay app there are several cashback campaigns running in parallel. Each of them is directed to a user profile, which is built according to the usage habits of the app. Campaign examples include:

In most campaigns, you need to use your credit card to make the transaction (pay your ticket, merchant, friends, e-commerce purchases, etc.) and get your money back.

In addition to the campaigns created by PicPay, partner establishments, that is, those that accept the digital wallet as a form of payment, can create their own campaigns for purchases in their physical stores.

Each campaign has its own rules (cashback amount limit, percentage on purchase, payment method, promotion date), which are described in the communication with the user, via notifications in the app!

Money from PicPay's cashback campaigns is deposited as a balance in the digital wallet. The user can use it to pay for a purchase, pay off a ticket, send money to a friend, make a donation to an NGO. However, it is not possible to withdraw money.


Méliuz returns to customers part of the amount spent on purchases, directly in the bank account (cashback). Consumers can receive

Seven-year-old boy dies after being hit by posts that fell

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A seven-year-old boy died on Monday (28) after being hit by two posts that were stacked near the football field where he was, in the Barro Vermelho neighborhood, in Belford Roxo (RJ). The information is from G1 RJ1.

Samuel Vitor de Oliveira Rodrigues was hit in the legs and head by the objects. "They were sitting. A pole came sliding and he tied his legs and he even asked for help, but another pole came and hit his head and there he was, unconscious," the boy's aunt, Mariana Silva, told G1.

Firefighters arrived at the scene to revive the boy. Samuel had bleeding from the mouth and nose, and suffered a head injury, and he couldn't resist.

Local residents said, according to G1, that the field where the incident occurred was a vacant lot on another block that was under construction next door. There were no signs of construction work at the site, they said.

Actress poses nude to mourn back to work

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Actress poses nude to mourn back to work
Ver essa foto no Instagram

Nostalgic for my quarantine life.

Uma publicação compartilhada por Lili Reinhart (@lilireinhart) em

For some, the gradual return to the workplace may sound unpleasant. This is the case of the American actress Lili Reinhart. The young woman, who became famous for participating in the series 'Riverdale', published on Instagram a series of photos about the moments of leisure during social isolation.

In one of the images, released last Monday (28), Lili appears completely naked, with only her legs covering her private parts. "Nostalgic for my quarantined life," she wrote in the caption.

Two-year-old boy dies after dogs pluck his genitals

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A two-year-old boy, identified as Yegor, died after being attacked by dogs during his birthday celebration. The incident happened in the city of Selydove, in Ukraine. According to the British newspaper DailyMail, Yegor had his genitals pulled out in the attack.

He spent ten days in a Ukrainian hospital on ventilation and kidney dialysis, but he couldn't resist. It took doctors five hours to restore their damaged blood vessels, bladder and intestines.

The report points out that Yegor left the party without his parents noticing. He was seen wandering in a courtyard when two guard dogs, of the German shepherd breed, escaped from the pen and attacked him.

The parents noticed the absence of the son and when looking for him. Charity volunteer Aleksandra Timoshchenkova, who helped the family raise money for Yegor's treatment, said: "The boy was found unconscious in a pool of blood."

The police opened a criminal case for non-compliance with parental duties, resulting in serious consequences against Yegor's mother and father. The case is still being investigated by the police.

Adriano Imperador is denounced for disturbance of peace, says columnist

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Adriano Imperador was denounced to the 42nd DP for disturbing the peace of others. According to the column by Ancelmo Gois, from the newspaper 'O Globo', the complaint was made by one of his neighbors in the Blue Houses condominium in Rio de Janeiro.

Still according to information in the column, the neighbor accuses the former athlete of holding parties lasting up to three days, which “exceed the acceptable limit in relation to noises and noises”.

The case was accepted by the Judiciary and is being processed at the 9th Special Criminal Court.

Boy goes viral when having birthday with theme Augustine Carrara

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Boy goes viral when having birthday with theme Augustine Carrara

Do you remember the theme of your sixth birthday party? A boy from São Sebastião do Paraíso (MG) chose a very special character for him: Agostinho Carrara, played by Pedro Cardoso in the most recent version of "A Grande Família". The photo of the boy with the cake went viral and caused success on the internet.

The boy, who has a haircut similar to the character, is a fan of Augustine. "We always thought he was similar, we even called him 'Carrarinha'. Everyone started calling him that at home. On the birthday, as the theme is up to my children, he suggested Augustine's. When he saw the cake , then he fell in love. He was very happy, so much so that he even hit his arm on the cake when we were recording ", said his mother, Lilian Gabriela, to UOL.

The theme was so incorporated into the party, which took place last Thursday (24), that the congratulations were replaced by the opening song of the success of TV Globo, homonymous to the series and sung by Dudu Nobre.

The photo of "Carrarinha" arrived at the original. Pedro Cardoso used social networks to thank the tribute, which generated great happiness for the family, which highlights that the similarity goes beyond appearance. "As much as we say it was similar, he watches the episodes available from A Grande Família on YouTube and likes the series a lot. Besides the appearance, it is very dramatic and curl us up, just like Augustine", joked the mother by Danilo.